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Elust returns….and with a new look!

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Elust returns

I wanted to announce some site updates, reminders and give you a pre-reminder that Elust will be coming off of hiatus this week for edition #22.

I could still use a few volunteer judges – check out this page to read more about judging.

A refresher on the guidelines for participation is here, please give it a glance. Most participants are doing great; in the coming editions I’m going to be a little more harsh with asking people to stick to these in order to be included in e[lust]. I hate to be the resident bitch but I just don’t have the time to babysit and remind people time and again.

Very soon I’ll be updating the Blogger Education series of pages on Elust, sort of a companion to the old Sex Blogger Co-op. If you’ve got ideas for things you’d like to see explained (or things you’d be able to write) please email me!

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