Future Changes to Elust

Mostly in part due to discussions had and things learned at MomentumCon, there is going to be a small change to the way Elust is run in the future.

As a pre-cursor to a bigger movement in the works, Elust will be the first to pledge to blog ethically and in keeping with sex-positive values. This doesn't mean a whole lot to most participants. What it does mean is that the general definition of sex-positive will be applied to submitted posts; if the panel doesn't feel it meets basic sex-positive guidelines, then the submitted post will not be included. Quite a number of participants (or those considering participating) have in the past expressed concern at the occasional included post (or site) in the digest as being something they would not want to support linking to and therefore were asked to be removed. I would much rather feel proud of each and every post that is in Elust - and have all participants feel safe and proud to re-post the links on their site - than include a couple of hinky, or overly-commercialized SEO-articles/sites.

Please note that this post is only a generic notification, and more concise and complete explanations will be added to the site in coming weeks. If you have any questions, concerns, would like to be on the panel, or objections to this please email me at: Questions.e.lust  @  gmail.com

Update: This is not a one-person operation. Elust is almost as much yours as it is mine, ours. You all reap benefits, I simply facilitate it. While I'd like to think that there is a universal mind set on what sex-positive/ethical blogging is and isn't (I'd think you'd do well to listen to what Carol Queen says about it in that Wiki link above, she's quite right), I absolutely want to hear from you. Don't want just me making decisions? Then participate in this very brief open-ended poll:

Poll Closed

YOU tell ME.

While I always look at each and every submission that comes in, I'll be relying also on the judging panel to speak up if they see a post that is questionable to them. Judges are now even more important! (email if you want to help there) The decision to not include something will never be made by just one person.

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Lady Grinning Soul

Thanks for keeping us updated. I'll be interested to see what your definition of 'sex positive' is.

~Well, for starters, the link up there that leads to Wikipedia gives some very good definitions. This will not at all be "my" sole definition of sex-positive. This is not a dictatorship.


View/copy the HTML code for Elust edition #139 here; All participating bloggers should have Elust re-posted by July 22nd.

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