The casual dating lifestyle

One of the greatest freedoms we have in our modern lifestyle is to decide how we want to approach the complex phenomenon which is dating. Whilst we live in a society which encourages family values via long-term commitment, our lifestyle sometimes does not give us the time for such life-lasting undertaking. This is why casual dating remains a very viable lifestyle for those of us who lack the time or are simply not interested in getting bind into such big obligation.

Low commitment

One of the greatest appeal about casual dating is that it asks for little commitment on our behalves. This is the main aspect of being into a long-term relationship which a lot of us still have issues with. After all, just because we are interested in spending some time dating does not mean that we have figured out our life-plans yet. Commitment is a great thing for those people who can assume it, but getting into a long-term pledge without really meaning it is the last thing a person should ever do. It is more honest to just say that we are not interested in committing rather than wasting someone else’s time. In fact, the best approach to dating is to find someone who wants the same thing that we do, whether it is a long term commitment or simply a bit of fun. It is this reciprocity between two partners which makes any type of relationship successful, whether it is for life or just for the one night only.

A lot of fun

Of course long term relationships will bring their lot of good times onto the table, but the type of fun we look for with casual dates is different. It is the sort of fun which one gets to share with different partners, without the added edges of commitment. With different partners, we can truly have fun without our obligations suddenly shining out and bringing us down. Those of us with a ridiculously hectic work schedule will appreciate having such fun, as it really takes away some of the stresses imposed by our busy lifestyles.

Meeting new people

Whilst some of us embrace the idea of meeting less people but knowing them better, others will prefer the idea of getting to know many different people without the same sort of intensity. There is certainly something very exciting about discovering a new dating partner and it is one of the more thrilling aspect of casual dating. In fact, this exhilaration of discovering someone new is one which often fades out after spending enough time with the same partner. In our modern days, using affair dating sites is really quite the exciting endeavour. Looking for potential casual partners, we get to feel the thrill of discovering new people and the electrifying sensation of looking forwards to having fun with them. Casual dating is now a truly well-established lifestyle available to those who decide it is the right thing for them, and there is no shortage of potential future-partners out there.


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I'm sad to see anyone recommend "affair" sites. Cheating is a bad idea for a lot of reasons, both for the person dont it and the person being betrayed. IMHO, the only people who benefit from cheating are sociopaths who enjoy hurting others while they are having a good time.

There are ethical ways to have both long term partners and new relationships that might or might not become long term. Swinging is one, and polyamory is another. The concept of swinging is recreational sex, without strong emotional attachment. The concept of polyamory is multiple, concurrent, consensual, sexual, loving relationships. The concepts are not mutually exclusive. I, and many I know, do both. I've found a few partners I've been in relationship with for decades at swing parties or sex workshops.


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