The pros and cons of sex dating

Whilst sex dating is getting increasingly popular over the internet, a lot of us are still hesitant to give it a try. Some people might be a little too timid, whilst others simply believe that it can’t possibly work. It is understandable, after all getting laid isn’t always something that happens just by snapping your fingers. The idea that you can just message someone and have sex with them on the same day can sound a little too good to be true, but some people have found out that it can actually work. But before you try it yourself, there are things you should know about the good and the bad involved in sex dating.

The good – No attachment

Most sex dates work on a no-strings basis, meaning you have sex with the person then you move on and get on with you day. This emotional detachment allows you to focus solely on the fun aspects without worrying about the normal hassles involved in being part of a serious relationship. What it means is you have good and simple sex without any other care in the world!

The bad – Lack of emotions

Some of us just cannot handle the idea of having sex without some form of relationship involved. It just feels too impersonal and you feel you are treating people like meat. One night stands and hook-ups are not for everybody’s taste, some people need to add love into the equation.

The good – Easy to hook-up

Finding someone who wants to have sex is less complicated than looking for a lifelong partner. There are simply less requirements and you don’t need to agree on everything. Serious couples need to make sure they can have a future together, and that takes a lot. One-night stands on the other side just require two people to be sexually compatible; which isn’t much of a requirement. It is actually quite easy these days to find your fuckbuddy online, especially with all the sex dating sites available out there.

The bad – Less trust

Whilst you can trust your serious partner when they tell you they haven’t slept with anyone, you do not have that sort of control over your casual sex partners. There is no strings, meaning that they can sleep with whoever they want. It is therefore essential that you always have protected sex as much for your sake as for your partner’s good health.

The good – Naughty sex

When you’re hooking up with someone, you can end up having the naughtiest sex ever. You’re not in a family type of relationship and there are no kids running around the house. You can do what you want as long as your partner is up for it, and there is none of that looking-in-the-eyes whilst saying ‘I love you’. It’s just pure sex, and it can haunt your memories for a lifetime.

The bad – Sex is a bit impersonal

You’re being used for sex, so effectively you are treated like a walking penis (or walking vagina). Your partner could well be having sex with someone else so you’re nothing special. Now this doesn’t mean that you are not appreciated, but it’s definitely not as personal as sex during a serious relationship. Some people prefer it that way, so it ultimately depends on what you fancy…
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