Elust has always been a place centered around sex positivity. These are the words on the about page...
"While elust is meant to include a large variety of sexuality topics and types of entries, elust is now officially practicing “sex-positive blogging” and will only accept entries that are sex-positive."

These aren't words that I wrote, these are words written by Dangerous Lilly when she ran Elust. But Molly and I have always tried to stay true to that ethos. I can't in good conscience leave what has happened to a part of the sex blogging community unremarked on. If you want to know what I am talking about read this.

No matter how you might feel about what has transpired, there can be little doubt that anyone could say that it was sex positive. I know I certainly don't, and since Elust is my project I am making some changes to ensure that Elust is ALWAYS a sex positive place.

What are these changes? Well, Elust has needed an update for a while now and I am using this opportunity to do a lot of both visible and behind the scenes changes. One of these updates is to the judges forums and because the existing forum is so old I can't transfer the old judges accounts to the new forum. This is a good time to start things fresh. For this month I am going to be the sole judge for Elust. I will ask an uninvolved party who I consider neutral to be the Guest Editor for this month. Anyone who wishes to become an Elust judge will need to fill out an application form that I will link to in this post. Part of this form will be terms and conditions for being an Elust judge. First among this will be an agreement that being a judge (just as it is part of being a participant) is that you will honor the ethos of sex positivity. I alone will decide if you meet this standard. I will consult with others to come to my decision, but in the end I am the vote that matters. The agreement to this ethos is not just limited to Elust, but in all of your online interactions.

If these conditions are too onerous for you then I am sorry. If you feel that this limits your speech in some way, you are right. Speech is free and you can say whatever you like in your space, but I am not required to give you a platform to do it. I hope you know that I will do this fairly and transparently and that my goal is to keep Elust the open and inclusive space that it has always been.

Elust Judges Application


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Mx Nillin

Just wanted to say thank you so much for treating this whole situation seriously, for standing with marginalized trans sex bloggers currently facing transphobia from many of our peers in the community, and for taking steps to make Elust a safer place, free of harmful prejudice and ignorance.

[…] you can do so here. If you would like to be a judge I would suggest you read this post on being Sex Positive […]


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