The Most Important Thing of All: By submitting your blog post to be included in Elust, you are agreeing to follow these rules.

Elust Rules for Participation:

You Must Re-post Elust on Your Site

You must post the edition that your post is included in within 7 days of its publication (usually the 22nd) and must remain posted on your blog permanently. You must keep every edition permanently; replacing one with the most current is breaking the rules. This must be a *new post* and not a page, not a temporary widget in your sidebar. You should create a new post, do not amend your old post that was submitted to include the links. ETA: Due to the “Reblog” feature in Blogger and, I have to now spell out that you cannot reblog the edition from someone else’s site. If you do not know how to post html code, read the FAQ page. If you’re found to be late, we’ll let you know. If you still don’t post it in a timely manner, then all participants will be instructed to remove your post link from the digest on their site OR you will not be allowed to participate in future editions until you post the digest you were late on. The route taken on this is at the discretion of the editor. It could be both. It’s not hurting me/Elust, your inaction in re-posting hurts everyone else who participated in the edition. They published it with your link – this is a community effort and it only works if treated as such.

You Must Publish the Full Digest

You may, however, use the “read more” tag after the top portion (this is noted within the edition). In WordPress’s editor this is included as an icon that looks like two boxes separated by a dashed line. For blogspot, bloggers will need to do a one-time edit of their css code to be able to use the “read more” tag. HERE is a very easy 4-step explanation (with screenshots) on how to do this. If you still have questions, feel free to email us at Again….”reblog” of the digest from someone else’s site does not count .

You Cannot Alter the Digest

As soon as each edition publishes, the sidebar is updated with a link directly to a text file containing the raw html code to aid in publishing. You can also just simply copy and paste it from the website. The important thing though is that you cannot alter the digest – meaning, you cannot remove a certain someone’s link (unless directed to do so by me) and if publishing the included photo, you must not change the embedded link in the photo or remove the “courtesy of” link. To do so would be a violation of the copyright of the owner of the photo and just generally uncool blogging practice. It doesn’t matter if you don’t personally like a participant, removing links from the digest on your own will result in YOU being removed from the digest and banned from participating.

There are guidelines and limitations on what types of posts will be accepted for inclusion. The following rules determine if a post is eligible for inclusion:

Your post must contain mostly original content.

This means it can’t be a re-posting of something that has already appeared on someone else’s site, or that was written by someone else. Yes this does mean no Guest Posts.

Your post may not contain solely a photo or audio/video clip.

If a reasonable amount (i.e. more than a short paragraph or two) of original content writing is accompanied by a photo or clip, then it will be accepted.

No product review posts.

A digest already exists for this purpose, Hedovibes, which is a round-up of adult product reviews. I encourage you to submit your review posts to Hedovibes once per week. Even an erotic writing piece that is acting as a review will not be eligible. Please note that any submission with what we determine is a excessive amount of inline product links will also be rejected. There should be no affiliate links within the post itself.

No Competitions or Giveaways

Elust is about writing and  we want to showcase the best that there is for our readers. Product giveaways and competitions don’t do this.

Eligible post dates are always going to be a month-long range

Your post must have been published on your blog during the time period listed on the request for submissions post. Since the schedule is now set in stone, where submissions are accepted the 1st-7th of the month, eligible post dates will run from the 8th day of the prior month to the 7th (end of submissions period). This rule won’t be broken for anyone.

One submission per author, per blog per digest.

Previously Elust accepted multiple submissions for multi-author sites, but effective May 12, 2011 this is no longer the rule and it will be one post per site.

No commercial content or commercial blogs/sites; no content that goes against the sex-positive nature of the digest.

If you have a question on what exactly falls into that tag, just ask me or check out the updated FAQ page. This determination is at the discretion of the editor, with the judging panel weighing in.

You must fill out the submission form completely and properly.

When filling out the submission form, you must include a valid email address in the submission form; also you must include the direct link to your post, not just to your blog’s main page (by clicking on the title of your post from your main page you’ll be taken to the post’s direct link). Failure to do any of these can result in your post not being included.

You cannot submit a post that resides on a blog you do not own.

If your post was included as a guest post on someone else’s blog, you cannot submit it because you cannot control their adherence to the participation rules of Elust. If they would be willing to submit it for inclusion, they can do so. The email address used on the form then must be the address for the blog owner, the person who is in charge of management and posting.

Post titles are now subject to a character limit in the submission form but still must match the post title on your blog as much as possible.

Occasionally someone submits a post with a title longer than the average sentence. It ends up looking weird on the digest and really just isn’t necessary. If this means you must somewhat alter the title from how it appears on your site, so be it. ~NEW: Part 1: I’ve imposed a 45-character limit on blog post titles on the submission form. Please pay attention to this when you paste/type in your post title, as it will cut you off. If I receive a submission where it is obvious that you didn’t pay attention to this, I’ll ask you to re-submit and clean up the post title to fit. Part 2: That being said….Your post title as you submit it to Elust should exactly match the blog post title as you have it on your site, unless you need to shorten it for Elust in which case it should be as close as possible.You may NOT append your blog name or your name unless it is included in the post title on your site. When you submit something to me where the actual blog post title is 100% different than the post title you gave me, I’m not going to include it. Simple as that.

Elust is a community effort – nobody is a special snowflake, everybody is equal and must follow all of the rules. Out of respect for your peers, the editor and the rules, I ask that you not send out pleading emails begging for me to break the rules just one time and just for you. The answer will be “No” and I’ll be ticked off by your audacious ego.