Elust is a “for the community by the community” sort of effort. A lot of work goes into each edition, and I’m simply unable to do all of it myself. Elust was created to fill the void of both its predecessor, Sugasm, and the old traffic-bringing Fleshbot Round-up. Most bloggers write to be heard and Elust gives everybody a very nice boost to traffic as well as the ability to reach new readers since the editions are re-posted on the blog of every participant.

Volunteering to help ensures that Elust will continue on. All volunteers get a link  back to their blog, in a “thank you” section of the sidebar, as a small incentive for helping.

The following sections break down the different types of help I need to keep Elust afloat.


This is really the most important one, and the one I need the most of. It’s not an easy job, I know. I made Elust into a panel-based judging effort because I saw that a lot of participants were voting without reading all of the entries, not voting at all, or just voting for friends. I saw a lot of really good posts get overlooked. I require at least 10 judges for each edition, and if I don’t get the required minimum….there’s no Top Three for that edition.

~ Judges are “anonymous”. I ask that you not make your judge status publicly or privately known, I feel it cuts down on your friends bugging you to vote for them as well as accusations of unfair judging

~ YES judges CAN also submit to the edition they’re judging for because…

~ Judges cannot vote for themselves

~ Judges are encouraged strongly to be as unbiased as possible when choosing their favorite posts. Judge based on the post and it’s content, not the blogger.

~ Judges are asked to not vote for their close bloggy friends just because they’re friends. If you truly feel that the post is worthy, that’s fine. But if a pattern is detected, I won’t ask you to judge again.

~ Most importantly…..judges must read every post. At least skim through it, but it’s only fair judging if every entry is considered.

How judging works: Submissions run from the 1st through the 7th. Rather than bombarding the judges with the entire list of 40-some posts all at once, I spread out the list into 4 emails. The first set of links is sent out the 2nd or 3rd, with the final set then being sent out the morning of the 8th. Judges have until the 13th to get back to me with their top picks.


Verifiers are given a list of 10 or so blogs from the edition, and need to check up to make sure that the blogger has (properly) re-posted the edition.

How to Become a Volunteer

Simple. Just email me! You don’t have to be a blogger, I have a few readers that judge as well. All I ask is that you be reliable. If you agree to do a task, try your best to follow through. While I will send out an email to ask if you’re able to help with each edition (I send them out a day before submissions open, generally), you aren’t obligated to help with every edition. When I send out the request email, everybody signs up for a task. Since I only need so many verifiers, for example, it’s first-come first….get. Or something. So to get your link in the sidebar you have to actually have helped with the edition.