Ever wonder what it takes to put together Elust each month?

Well wonder no more!

  1. Open the Gravity Submission Form for Entries. This very well written form (Lilly’s work again) records all the entries in the form submissions as well as sending emails of those entries to multiple addresses and a confirmation email to the submitter.
  2. Open the emails as they come in to submissions@elustsexblogs.com. A duplicate is sent to mail@elustsexblogs.com as a safety.
  3. Copy the submission details into a Document for record keeping and for the html for the digest page.
    This is how the order of categories is determined for each Digest edition, the categories order is based on the first submission received, so if the first submission is Erotic Fiction that is the first category and all others in the order that the first submission for that category is received. This is why the categories are in a different order each month.
  4. After we have received ten entries a copy of each entry is added to the super secret judges forum so that they may begin reading. As more submissions come in they are added to the forum generally in groups of about ten. This forum is also where we will request advice on any post that might not meet the rules of Elust. The forum also contains the rules and formatting for the judges votes.
  5. The 8th of the month arrives and the submission form is closed.
  6. I add the last of the submissions to the document file and the judges forums. Molly and I then compare the entries in the Gravity Submission form against the email entries the forum entries and the separate spreadsheet that Molly makes for her voting to do our best to make sure no entry is missed.
  7. Molly sends me the sidebar and header images from the Photo submission form.
  8. Votes start to arrive and are arranged by judge’s name in a spreadsheet
  9. Voting reminders are tweeted at Elust judges.
  10. Voting closes on the 14th and results are tabulated. if there are any ties in the top three I go and read them and cast the deciding vote (I do not read any of the posts prior to avoid forming any opinion)
  11. Molly sends me her selections and I find the top post on Sexbytes.
  12. I update the sidebar images and start building the digest post.
  13. I copy all the entries from my document file into the wordpress post and make it look right. Once the post is finished I copy the html out to notepad, remove the extraneous code that always get added. I send the clean text file to Molly to test.
  14. We then check all the entries to make sure all the links work and once again to make sure no entries have been missed. (Even then we sometimes get it wrong)
  15. I push the publish button and check the post afterwards for any errors.
  16. 22nd of the month; Check a random number of Elust participants to be sure that they have published the digest.
  17. What? It is the 1st again already?!

That is all of the steps that we do to bring Elust to you each and every month. We could not do this without everyone, the readers, the writers, the judges, the coffee. So thank you all for everything!

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