No Strings Attached – Could this be the right relationship for you?

There are plenty of positives about no strings attached relationships.

Easy, fun and uncomplicated sex without the pressure of a commitment.

But they do involve compromise so they are not for everyone. If you are dreaming of your Prince Charming or looking for Mrs Right to settle down with then absolutely steer clear of a no strings attached affair. If you are too emotionally invested these types of relationships can lead to serious heartache.

But if you are clear about your intentions, and you are strong enough to distance yourself emotionally then you might find you have the best sex of your life while enjoying the thrill of a NSA relationship.

Here are some situations where no strings affairs can work well:

*You’re putting your career first and don’t have time to invest in a committed relationship

*You have just come out of a relationship and aren’t ready to settle down again

*You just love sex! Who wants to be tied down to one person for too long?

*Your life is in limbo – you’re planning on travelling, or moving – so there’s no point searching for ‘the one’

There’s a few ‘rules’ which will help you navigate NSA relationships:

*Choose carefully – and I mean carefully! No good friends, no ex’s, no work colleagues. Knowing you’ll still be in contact after the sex ends can make it awkward to really let go.

*Be sensible – as always follow your head and make good decisions about protecting yourself from disease, and keeping safe when meeting anyone new for the first time.

*Protect your emotions – if you feel you are getting too emotionally involved with someone then it’s time to walk away. Be honest with your partners about your intentions but above all else be honest with yourself.

You’ll be pleased to hear it’s pretty easy to find NSA sex here’s some places to try:

*Online Sites – there are plenty to choose from – why not try No String Attached

*Friends of friends – casual acquaintances, distant friends and ‘friends of friends’ can make great hunting ground. You know enough about them to trust them as a partner but not enough to build up a serious relationship

*Club, bars – of course the usual hook-up joints apply. Enjoy a one night stand and then offer your partner the opportunity to continue seeing you on a no strings attached basis. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how willing they will be.

First and foremost no string attached affairs are about your pleasure. Before you hit the bedsheets explore your own sexuality – use masturbation to uncover the techniques that turn you on. You’re then in a much better position to communicate this to your NSA partner. For many people, no strings affairs offer the best sex of their lives – the thrill of a secret affair coupled with the lack of commitment means you are both able to really let go and enjoy each other’s bodies.

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