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Elust #43 Update


With 38 submissions so far to Elust #43 we are off to a fantastic start, so if you haven’t gotten your post in yet you’d better hurry since the submission window will close tomorrow morning! We’d like to thank everyone one who has entered so far, both regular players and first time contributors. Looking at the entries to date it seems the judges will have their work cut out. Don’t forget that we are also looking for photo submissions too (and that form never closes).  We are looking at adding a new category for everyone  to vote on called “Readers Choice” (more on that below)

Elust News

In other news we have updated the Advertising Page with our new offerings and pricing, so if you (or anyone else you know) is interested in advertising on Elust please do contact us. We are endeavoring to keep ad presence on the front page minimal while offering advertisers the kind of value that is needed with the changes to Google’s search listings.

 Digest Publishing Change?

Since taking over Elust we have been debating the method of republication the digest. The plus side of the current method is the fact that your site gets links back from all the sites that participate in that edition of Elust. On the down side is the fact that this might be problematic with the recent changes for SEO results. Most search engines don’t like duplicate content and everyone publishing the Elust digest repeatedly is duplicating. Therefore we are considering a change to the manner in which participants republish the digests to their blog. Rather than a list of links we would create an Elust badge that  you would be reuse with some minor text changes for each new edition.The rules would remain the same in that you would need to make a new post for each edition, but instead of publishing the list of links that the current format provides, you would publish the badge  The badge will then send your readers to Elust where they will find your (and all the other) links. To gauge how people feel, we are inserting a poll into this post to garner your opinion. Please take a moment to express your opinion on the matter by using this poll, commenting, or emailing us.

Poll Closed

A Brand New Feature

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We are always looking for ways to share news, information and exciting new posts from the blogging community and so we have added a new feature to Elust called Sex Bytes. Sex Bytes is a place where you can share links to Articles, News, and Posts of a sexual nature that you think others might have missed. You can also vote for the stories that you find to be the most interesting, funny, or relevant and share those sites with your favourite social networks. If you are a subscriber to Elust updates, Sex Bytes has a different subscription so you will need to subscribe  to the Sex Bytes feed to get those updates.

We will be adding the Top Voted Site of the Month from Sexbytes as the Readers Choice to the Elust digest (see, I told you I would get to this) so be sure to submit and vote for the link that you think should make it into the Elust monthly digest.



It takes a lot of hard working and dedicated people to make Elust run every month, and if you’d like to be one of those people please contact us

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the judges who are currently reading through all of your wonderful posts to put together the next edition, without these dedicated individuals this couldn’t work at all!.



P.S. I will shortly be sending an email to the judging group on a new feature just for them ;-)

Future Changes to Elust

Mostly in part due to discussions had and things learned at MomentumCon, there is going to be a small change to the way Elust is run in the future.

As a pre-cursor to a bigger movement in the works, Elust will be the first to pledge to blog ethically and in keeping with sex-positive values. This doesn’t mean a whole lot to most participants. What it does mean is that the general definition of sex-positive will be applied to submitted posts; if the panel doesn’t feel it meets basic sex-positive guidelines, then the submitted post will not be included. Quite a number of participants (or those considering participating) have in the past expressed concern at the occasional included post (or site) in the digest as being something they would not want to support linking to and therefore were asked to be removed. I would much rather feel proud of each and every post that is in Elust – and have all participants feel safe and proud to re-post the links on their site – than include a couple of hinky, or overly-commercialized SEO-articles/sites.

Please note that this post is only a generic notification, and more concise and complete explanations will be added to the site in coming weeks. If you have any questions, concerns, would like to be on the panel, or objections to this please email me at: Questions.e.lust  @  gmail.com

Update: This is not a one-person operation. Elust is almost as much yours as it is mine, ours. You all reap benefits, I simply facilitate it. While I’d like to think that there is a universal mind set on what sex-positive/ethical blogging is and isn’t (I’d think you’d do well to listen to what Carol Queen says about it in that Wiki link above, she’s quite right), I absolutely want to hear from you. Don’t want just me making decisions? Then participate in this very brief open-ended poll:

Poll Closed

YOU tell ME.

While I always look at each and every submission that comes in, I’ll be relying also on the judging panel to speak up if they see a post that is questionable to them. Judges are now even more important! (email if you want to help there) The decision to not include something will never be made by just one person.

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