Elust can't pretend to be something innovative and new; it's not. It was born from the absence of the "founding father" of the sex blogger digest, Sugasm. Sugasm provided an excellent source for the sex blog community and we hope that e[lust] can somewhat pick up the reigns. You will see many similarities with regards to format, rules and function but with a few changes that will hopefully encourage more bloggers and fewer commercial sites. We really liked the draw of all participants voting for their favorite submissions so that is one big feature from Sugasm that will be kept.


  • If you want to be included in each issue of Elust, you have to submit your post!
  • The participants of each digest will vote on their top 2/3 favorite posts, with the top 3 picks getting first billing on the issue
  • The layout of the postings will be very similar to Sugasm
  • Limit to one post inclusion in each digest, per blog

New and (hopefully) improved:

  • Only original content can be submitted - if you didn't write most of  it then it's not eligible.
  • Sex toy reviews won't be accepted and instead should be listed with Pleasurists. Each digest of e[lust] will have a link to the most recent Pleasurists post (or 2 posts if there's more than a week between each e[lust])
  • Posts that are strictly photos/video/audio won't be accepted.
  • Each digest of e[lust] will feature a recent HNT photo, chosen by the editor. We hope to get a wide range of HNT participants included over time. Each week we will also feature an HNT photo over in the sidebar.
  • Participants must post the full digest (photo optional) on their blog. We feel this is the most fair and effective way to go about it. Think about it: if you didn't make the top 3 and most participants don't re-post the full digest...you're not getting much exposure, are you? Participants are definitely allowed to use the "Read More" tag after the top portion of the digest - this allows for part of the long post to show on your main blog, and readers can click through to the individual post on your blog to see the full list. WordPress includes this in their editor; blogspot bloggers must tweak their css code to have the "read more" tag available. There are two different, easy tutorials on how to do it; it's a useful option to have even for other posts on your blog.

Currently, each new e[lust] digest will come out every other week.

Don't be shy about submitting your posts - it doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be a specific length or topic. Just pick your favorite post of the week that you would like to get more exposure on.


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