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We are offering a 125 x 125 sidebar image that will link to a page for you on Elust for your 500 or greater word post with up to ten inline links, this page can be updated once a month.

Reasons to choose Elust

  • The site has been running since 2009
  • Every monthly edition is cross-posted on every participating sex blog, usually in the neighborhood of 40-some various blogs/sites. Your ads are seen by your target audience every time they visit Elust.
  • Ads appear in the static sidebar, so that it is seen on every page of the site
  • Current Google Pagerank is 4
  • 12,000 Pageviews per month
  • Prices start at $60/month. If you prefer to pay month-by-month or quarterly, We do require that payment is done via Paypal subscription method which simply means that neither one of us has to worry about the constant hassle of renewing, or links being pulled down because they were not renewed in a timely fashion. We will also offer a discounted rate if you should choose to prepay for 6 or 12 months of advertising. All advertising is non-refundable and payments must be received prior to your link going up. We make no claims or promises when we accept your advertising payment as to the number of clicks and/or sales you might receive from this site.

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