Elust Category Guide

Have you ever submitted to Elust and wondered why we have all those categories and what they cover?

Well wonder no more, listed below are all the current categories available to for you to choose. This by no means is a list carved in stone. If you think we have too many, too few, or haven’t explained them well enough then please do let us know. We will even leave a handy contact form at the bottom of the page to make it easy.

Erotic Fiction – This is for all genres of erotic FICTION regardless of length. Flash fiction and longer form erotic fiction writing will go in this section.

Erotic Non Fiction – This category is for all those posts that deal with the telling of real life experiences, desires and fantasies written in a story style or retelling format.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish – Informative and helpful non-fiction pieces directly pertaining to all things Kink, Fetish and BDSM

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships – Informative and helpful non-fiction pieces directly pertaining to sex and relationships

Body Talk – Non fiction pieces that deal with body image/issues/positivity, naturism and nudism.

Sexual Health – any topic relating to sexual health.

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humour – Non-fiction posts that deal with adult related subjects that fall into one of these areas

Poetry – All poetry goes in this section.

Blogging – All posts that deal directly with the art/genre of blogging. From the technical advice type posts to personal experiences and thoughts about the act of  blogging itself.

Writing about writing – All posts about the art of writing and publishing erotica. Such as but not limited to; Advice for other writers both about writing and publication, Personal posts about your own writing experience, Thoughts about your characters, plots, story development etc.

Events – Write-ups, reviews, thoughts, experiences or any post directly relating to an event you have attended, are going to attend, or would like to attend. This could be anything from your local munch or club right up to national or even international conferences or workshop style events.

Books and Movies – If you have written about a book or a movie this is the category for you. Just remember that while it doesn’t have to be an erotic book or movie but there does have to be something that you found erotic, or that was supposed to be erotic but wasn’t.

State of the World -This category will encompass topics like Isolation and Quarantine as well as Political posts that concern the, well, current state of the world. As always we want to to include something about sex within this area so keep that in mind as well.

Sex Work - Any post by sex worker or a client of a sex worker or about sex work.

Product Reviews - Sex Toys, spanking implements, fucking machines, any product reviewed on a sex blog goes here. No problem if it's a sponsured post or contains affiliate links but please say so in your post.