Photo Submissions

This is the submission form for photographs to be featured as the header image for the next Elust edition. This is NOT for the posts you wish to have listed in the round-up. Those posts should be submitted on the Submission Page.

Submitting does not guarantee that you will be chosen. You are also not obligated to post the Elust edition you’re featured in. If you want to, that’s great. The bloggers who participate in Elust with posts are not required to use the edition header photo (although most do).

Rules for submitting images to Elust

  • You do need to have a public blog where the photo was originally published. The photo will reside on Elust servers but clicking the photo will lead people to your post. The text link credit underneath the photo will also lead directly to your post. If accreditation to someone else for the image is required it is up to you to provide that on your post .
  • You can only submit your own photo or a photograph that someone took for you.
  • If you decide at a later date that you want a photo of yours removed from Elust, let me know and I'll remove it from the Elust site and from my own blog. But I won't be responsible for getting it removed from the blogs of everyone else who reposted that issue of Elust. You'll need to contact them yourself and I can't guarantee they'll reply or do as you ask. If you are an anonymous blogger and submit a photo that could identify you…you need to consider this aspect first.

Here is what I generally look for when it comes to selecting images for Elust :

  • Artistic and sexy in a sensual way, as I try to keep in mind that the digest is reposted by a large variety of bloggers who don’t all want explicit images, for whatever reason, on their site. A look back through old editions will give you a better idea of what I choose.
  • I use horizontal (landscape) photos 99% of the time for the edition header photos.
  • It is your responsibility to add a © watermark to your image.
  • Please ensure the image is high quality and at least 800px wide.

Photo Submission

This is the permalink to the post, not to the photo itself and not to your homepage

i.e. the text line will read "Photo courtesy of Namie at BlogName" - I want your blogging name/handle in this line. The title of your blog is next up.

As noted above this has to do with how the credit text link will appear. This is for the title of your blog (not, but This Is My Blog sort of thing).