This is the submission form for photographs NOT for the posts you wish to have listed in the round-up. Those posts should be submitted on the Submission Page.

Here at Elust we like to highlight some of the amazing photography work done by sex bloggers as well as their writing and so each month we pick 2 – 3 images to feature on the site. One will be the edition header photo and one (or two) will be highlighted in the sidebar.

Submitting does not guarantee that you will be chosen. You are also not obligated to post the Elust edition you’re featured in. If you want to, that’s great. But the bloggers who participate in e[lust] with posts are not required to use the edition header photo (although most do).

Rules for submitting images to Elust

~ Your photo should have been published on your blog during the month preceding the edition you are submitting for. e.g For a February edition your image will have been published  between Jan 7th – Feb 7th. Anything submitted after Feb 7th will be considered for March.

~ You do need to have a public blog where the photo was originally published in the month preceding the edition you’re being considered for. The photo will reside on e[lust] servers but clicking the photo will lead people to your post. The text link credit underneath the photo will also lead directly to your post. If accreditation to someone else for the image is required it is up to you to provide that on your post .

~ You can only submit your own photo or a photograph that someone took for you.

~By submitting you’re giving your consent for use in exchange for credit link and are aware that it will get you traffic beyond your normal group. If chosen, I will not remove your photo or link at a later date because you changed your mind about the exposure you are receiving. If you are an anonymous blogger and submit a photo that could identify you…you need to consider this aspect first.

Here is what I generally look for when it comes to selecting images for Elust :

~ Artistic and sexy in a sensual way, as I try to keep in mind that the digest is reposted by a large variety of bloggers who don’t all want explicit images, for whatever reason, on their site. A look back through old editions will give you a better idea of what I choose.

~ I use horizontal (landscape) photos 99% of the time for the edition header photos.

~ It is your responsibility to add a © watermark to your image.