Elust FAQ’s

Q1. Do I have to republish the entire digest?

A1. Yes. If you’re not willing to publish a digest of links from your fellow sex bloggers once a month, then this isn’t the thing for you. While it is optional for you to re-post the photo, I still encourage you to do so. All text, including the introductory paragraph and the contained links to Elust, however does need to be published on your blog.

Q2. I'm having trouble posting Elust - can you help?

A2. Below I've taken screenshots of the 3 major blogging platforms - Blogger/Blogspot, WordPress.com, and WordPress selfhosted.

The gist of it is this: Some people are able to simply select the entire digest as it is shown on the front page, copy and paste into the Compose/Visual tab of their post editor and everything is retained...links and all. I can do this and it doesn't matter what platform I use. Some others cannot and I don't know why. If you cannot get it to work the simple way (and it should go without saying but of course it never does - after you post it please check a few links to make sure they actually work. If they don't, then it doesn't count) the you need to use the raw html code. I used to put out one code for WordPress and one for Blogger, because many WordPress themes don't like "assumed line breaks" (i.e. just hit enter) and absolutely require paragraph tags (<p>) or break tags (</br>) while Blogger was great at assumed line breaks and would add in extra breaks to my code. However now that Blogger has changed so much this is no longer the case and I can see 3 people using Blogger and all have it look 3 different ways. I can't help you there, you're on your own (as well you should be if you're really a blogger).

Below are screenshots (click to make thumbnail larger) to help you if you're a new blogger and do not know how to add in html code.

When you start a new post, no matter the platform, the post editor will start you off in the WYSIWYG mode. In this mode you just type and you never worry about code. Most of you have only used this. In order to insert the raw html code that is always found at the bottom of the home page.


Start new post:

Select the HTML tab:

Paste (ctrl-P) the code that you selected (ctrl-A) and copied (ctrl-C) from the raw html file as mentioned above:

Now switch back to Compose tab, make sure everything looks ok:

Sometimes Blogger messes with the code and it removes line breaks or takes them away:

If you care about how your blog looks, then take the time to add/remove line breaks:

So that the finished post looks well done and is, most importantly, readable to folks:

WordPress.com (the free version)

Start new post:

Select the TEXT tab:

Paste (ctrl-P) the code that you selected (ctrl-A) and copied (ctrl-C) from the raw html file as mentioned above:

Now switch back to Visual tab, make sure everything looks ok and if so, publish:

WordPress.org (self-hosted blogs)

Do I really need to repeat myself? It's pretty much the same as above, except for self-hosted WP users, the tabs are "Visual" and "HTML".

A note on word-wrap and line breaks: Because I care about the visual aspect of my blogs, I've designed e[lust] to look appealing and be easy to read. This is achieved by line breaks. Ever read something that has no paragraphs? Yeah. So as above, if your blog's theme decides that it wants to do what it wants with the code I've provided, you can always force things. In just about any WYSIWYG application, be it email, comments, Facebook or blogging, there's a paragraph-line-break and a soft-line-break. Paragraph line breaks add in a blank line, like this:

All I did there was hit "Enter" on my keyboard. Now if I didn't want that blank line (this is how I get those links in the digest to appear like a list), all I do is hold the SHIFT key while hitting ENTER. This happens:
And voila. No unnecessary blank space where I don't want it, but not everything is on the same line.
Some Blogspot/Blogger users have suddenly had issues with word-wrap not working when copying over e[lust]. I don't know why. I'm not an expert in Blogger. I'm guessing it has to do with their latest upgrade to their platform. Either way, hitting SHIFT-ENTER is the only way to force word-wrap.

Q3. You mentioned that one could utilize the "read more" tag when republishing the digest. How does that work?

Q3. You mentioned that one could utilize the "read more" tag when republishing the digest. How does that work?

A3. When readers are at your blog and scrolling through pages, they will only see the portion of the post that is before the "read more" tag. The rest of the post can be seen when they view the individual post. The links and the full digest are still on your blog and still visible in your RSS feed but it lends a cleaner look to navigation. The "read more" link, however, should *not* merely point the reader back to this blog. See the thumbnails below for visual tips and visit this link to accomplish the "read more" tag if you use Blogger.

Q4. What kind of posts does Elust accept for submission? (or in other words “I don’t write erotica, Elust must not be for me”)

A4. Elust is not just about erotica! There are so many awesome posts in the sex blogger realm that would be very welcome in Elust. Opinion pieces, how-to articles, interviews and discussions of sex in the news, thought-provoking journal entries, and more. Our brain is our biggest asset and our biggest sex organ. That is what Elust is for. If you ever question if your post/blog is right for Elust, just ask us! But remember that the judges have a voice it what meets the standards of Elust. Being sex positive is a good place to start. But an infographics pages isn’t going to cut it.

Q5. Do you have a badge for others to use for linking? What's the best way to contact you?

A7. The badge is below! There are two email addresses. "Submissions" is the place to send me an email if you think the submission form didn't work, or if you'll be out of town during the coming submission period. "Questions" is the place for discussing volunteering to help with Elust, wondering if your blog/post meets the guidelines, or discussing sponsorship of this blog.

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