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Elust is a monthly publication of links to self-submitted blog posts about sex.

A quick message from the current Editor in Chief of Elust

My name is Oz.

I recently bought Elust (March 2021). I posted regularly to Elust over the last few years but I'm relatively new to Elust and I know others have been involved for a lot longer so I'd love to hear any ideas or opinions from other Elust contributors and readers. I'm excited about getting the site back up and running and re-commencing the monthly Elust publications. I'd like to continue Elust in the same spirit as it was intended. Sex positive and inclusive.

This is a project for me to see how I can grow and improve Elust. I'm open to ideas and would be very happy to hear any feedback about what you liked or didn't like and anything you'd love to keep as is vs any changes you'd like to see. I'll mostly keep Elust as is. Many thanks to previous owners for building Elust and to all the volunteers and contributors.


Elust can’t pretend to be something innovative and new; it’s not. It was born from the absence of the “founding father” of the sex blogger digest, Sugasm. Sugasm provided an excellent source for the sex blog community and I hope that Elust can somewhat pick up the reins. Bloggers of all types submit what they feel is their best/favourite post (of their own) during the specified submission period for each digest.

While Elust is meant to include a large variety of sexuality topics and types of entries, Elust is now officially practising “sex-positive blogging” and will only accept entries that are sex-positive. Largely, most entries and most bloggers will fall under that umbrella term (and this will be updated with a better definition soon) but it is up to the discretion of the editor and the revolving panel of judges to determine if a site and/or post is too commercial, not sex-positive, spreading incorrect sex “education”, etc. To keep with the integrity of blogging that nearly all participants subscribe to uphold, occasionally a submitted post will not be included if the editor or judges feel it is inappropriate.

With Elust I hope to draw a larger reading base to everyone’s blogs, and provide a broader audience with both informative and hot posts about sex and relationships. A lot of people incorrectly assume that erotica is the preferred type of blog post for Elust– it’s not. I really want to equally showcase smut and smart commentary. Advice, OpEd, personal stories and more are very welcome and encouraged. Be it sexy, kinky, political ….. I want it all. Whenever a writer participates in an edition of Elust, they are bound by the big rule – they must re-publish the digest in full on their blog. This means that regular readers of an erotica blog will be exposed to advice and editorials; and vice versa.

Participating in Elust also gets the blogger more traffic, more exposure and more readers.

Don’t be shy about submitting your posts – it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be a specific length or topic. Just pick your favourite post (posted during the acceptable time period per each edition) that you would like to get more exposure on. When you submit, pick the best category for your piece to be filed under and you can find that information on the Category Guide page.

Editor in Chief of Elust

Oz Bigdownunder

2021 - Present
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2013 - 2021

Dangerous Lilly

Founder 2009 - 2012
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