Story Submission

You can submit your content for the next Elust Digest whenever you want. However, any submissions made after the 7th of the month will only be considered for the next Elust Digest. The digest will publish on or about the 15th of the month. You are expected to re-post the edition per guidelines on your blog no later than the 22nd of the month.

By submitting your post using this form, you're agreeing to the rules and guidelines of post eligibility for Elust. The full details can be read about here, however, here's the quick n dirty:

  • No posts that contain solely photos/videos/audio
    • Podcasters: If the post/page you're submitting that your podcast is on also contains the transcript of said podcast, you're eligible to submit)
  • If you did not create most of the content, it is not eligible
  • Participants are required to re-post the entire list of links within a week
    • If it's not re-posted within 14 days of publication, you can't participate in the next edition. If it's not re-posted by the time the next edition is up, then you'll be removed from the edition on the main site and from all participating sites who wish to do so
  • One submission per blog
  • One submission per author (You may not submit something you have written something for another site as well as something you have posted on your blog)
  • Remember, you won't be getting an email with the codes, they'll be over there in the sidebar, linked. You will still be responsible for getting the edition re-posted within 7 days of it publishing here.
  • NEW: Part 1: I've imposed a 45-character limit on blog post titles on the submission form. Please pay attention to this when you paste/type in your post title, as it will cut you off. If I receive a submission where it is obvious that you didn't pay attention to this, I'll ask you to re-submit and clean up the post title to fit. Part 2: That being said….Your post title as you submit it to e[lust] should exactly match the blog post title as you have it on your site, unless you need to shorten it for e[lust] in which case it should be as close as possible and it should not include your name. When you submit something to me where the actual blog post title is 100% different than the post title you gave me, I'm not going to include it. Simple as that.
  • New: Part 2: Due to popular demand we have added a Category Guide which lists all of the options you have. You might want to read this before submitting

Story Submission Form

The title of your post as you'd like it to appear (remember, I don't edit for spelling, capitalization, etc - I assume that how you type it here is how you want it to appear!!) - PLEASE NOTE that "as you'd like it to appear" doesn't give you license to completely rename your post title. It needs to match (or mostly match, per character limits) the post title as it appears on your blog. Anything else looks like spam, looks like a possible mistake, etc. You'll be asked to re-submit. 

Date your post published on your site - This date must conform with the acceptable submission dates for the this submission period, or it will not be included in this edition - No Exceptions!

The permalink that leads directly to the post you are submitting. Please DO NOT use shortened versions of the url such as the WP link that Wordpress might give you. Submissions using that will not be accepted.

You’ll receive a confirmation email within 2-12 hours (depends on the server load) after you submit your post using this form. IF YOU DO NOT (especially if you do not receive it by the time submissions close), please re-submit or email me directly ( I can’t include in the digest what I don’t receive!

Thank you!

If you don’t already, please follow the Elust Twitter account to stay up to date on reminders as well as acknowledgement/warning of problems.