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Elust Rules for Participation


What is elust? It is a regular publication of links to self-submitted blog posts about sex.

That’s the really broad definition.

Participants: html code is here!

View/copy the html code for Elust edition #139 here ; All participating bloggers should have Elust re-posted by July 22nd.

Photo Submission
  • This is the permalink to the post, not to the photo itself and not to your homepage
  • i.e. the text line will read "Photo courtesy of Namie at BlogName" - I want your blogging name/handle in this line. The title of your blog is next up.
  • as noted above this has to do with how the credit text link will appear. This is for the title of your blog (not blog.com, but This Is My Blog sort of thing).
  • Month / Day / Year that your post containing the photo was published.
  • I do need a valid and working email address
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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