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Books and Movies

Book Review: Principle Decisions by Thea Belmont

I Love a Man in Uniform (1993): The Celluloid Dungeon

Exit To Eden, by Anne Rice

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

What’s Wrong With Forced Feminization?

A little pick me up.

BDSM Aftercare

Unlocking Pleasure: 14 Essential Prodomme Tips for Baby Subs

Erotic Fiction

Tender Domination


Sexy Ghost Story – Mia’s Books

Sex Work

Squeeze me Please Me

Double Deflowering

Happy Poo Emoji

What to Do When Your Sexual Expectations Fail You?

Revolting Prostitutes Book Review

Product reviews

Tracy's Dog Flowliper Vibrator - Innovative Features and Honest Insights

Review: Velvet Thruster Prime

RawLoveStudio Moonbean Unicorn Dildo

Uncle Bob Silicone Dildo From John Thomas Toys

Qiui BeatPat Electro-Spanker Review: Is This Thing Even On?

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Keeping Your Toys Clean: A Guide to Protecting Your Health and Pleasure


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